Welcome-I'm So Happy You're Here!


My Background


I worked as a re-toucher and portrait assistant for many years and even through college, but never picking up a camera.  I attended a photography conference to build my business skills and freshen my re-touching knowledge.  I quickly learned at conference that good photographers don't need to know much editing tips and tricks.  My mind was blown and  from then on I have been determined to become a great portrait artist.  

Photography as Communication


I am surrounded both by natural beauty and incredible people. I use my camera to document events and milestones, then print images that focus on the magic of the moments at hand. I am meant to capture the beautiful things I find in daily life. My pictures tell stories and when my clients hold tangible pieces in their hands and hang them on their walls they are reminded of happiness, daily. 

Sharing Stories


When you choose me as your portrait artist, I want to tell your story through my lens.  We will communicate your wants and needs and tailor a session that tells the chapters of your life, thus far.  During your reveal session, we then choose various prints and products for you to enjoy your images throughout your home.  Every printed piece will have the ability to tell its own story and last in your family for generations.